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About Us

Rupert Fox - Your Driver  

I've always been fascinated with vintage cars and especially American cars. I love the designs and the sweeping lines of these machines that drew their influences from aeroplanes and rockets of the era, the science fiction movies of the time. I love the music of the fifties, the films and the fashions. For me Bella encompasses all the optimism, joy, modernity and affluence of 1950's in one fell swoop! If you want a rock and roll theme to your special day, rockabilly or simply something really special to make an entrance with, then this is the car for you.

Bella is joy to drive and part of that is the reaction of people you pass. With the huge chrome smile at the front it makes people stop and stare, smile and wave. On one wedding we passed a black Daimler going the other way with a bride and her father on their way to another church. I was amazed to see them both beam with smiles point and wave at the car! A true head turner! Often, when we reach the wedding venue, brides say, "That was so much fun!"

Mandy Fox - Admin 

I deal with the paperwork and it will often be me on the end of the phone! I also have my own business, Mandy Fox - Maths Tutor

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